Transformational Consultation Services

  • Transformational Initial Consultation  During this 60 minute session we cover your:
    • Top health concerns in detail
    • Complete health history, family history, typical food intake, lifestyle habits, and current supplements and medications.
    • Health goals and potential barriers that may be holding you back.
    • Comprehensive therapeutic plan to make a solid start towards your goals.  This may include nutritional, lifestyle, herbal or homeopathic recommendations.
  • Transformational Follow-up Session  During these 30 minute appointments, we:
    • Focus on your needs, check in on goals and progress, celebrate successes, and address any barriers that have come up for you.
    • Adjust your therapeutic recommendations to your unique changing needs.

Programs include:

  • Email communication between sessions to fully support you along your journey
  • The framework for goal setting and our work together
  • Additional ongoing research on your case


  • Transformational Initial Consultation: $250
  • Transformational Follow-up Session: $110​

  • Please note: Telephone consults are not a substitute for seeing a healthcare provider in person and having regular physical exams. Evaluating a patient in person using the appropriate exams and the proper diagnostic testing is the only way to properly diagnose and treat a patient. This cannot be done via the phone.

Let the Transformation begin!

Complimentary 15 Minute Phone Consultation:

We are pleased that our practice is built on word-of-mouth referrals from existing patients and healthcare providers.  Our unique approach has helped many and people are interested in knowing more about how we help restore health.  The purpose of this consultation is to discuss your health concerns and our natural integrative approach and together decide if Transformational Healthcare is a good fit for you.