The digestive system is a crucial part of our overall health.  How efficient and balanced yourdigestive health is, is one of the greatest determiners of overall well-being and longevity.

The gastrointestinal tract is essentially a gateway connecting our “inside” and “outside” worlds.  This can include nourishing, supportive foods and less desirable things like infection, toxins and poor food choices.  Our body has an amazing ability to handle undesirable input and in most cases does a very good job of safeguarding our health. This is the reason we do not have to sterilize our food, but only be sure it is clean and wholesome.
Presently, the risk of being infected or infested by pathogenic organisms through food, water and hospital visits or stays is ever-increasing.  Using antibiotics without evaluation to reveal the type of infection can actually strengthen the offending microbe and make it more difficult to treat.
Common causes of infection and imbalance are: lack of hand washing and/or personal hygiene, chronic stress, food allergies/intolerances, poor diet and eating habits, improper food handling, agricultural pollution, improper antibiotic use, overseas travel, pets in the home and low gut immunity.

The GI Health Panel is a non-invasive screen of the gastrointestinal tract and its function.  It includes 15-22 individual, yet related tests including:

• Pathogenic screening for bacteria, fungi, yeast and various parasites.
• Digestion-related screens for enzyme levels and immunochemical.
• Markers for food intolerance.
• Intestinal function markers to evaluate irritation and inflammation
• Markers for overall status of gut immunity and integrity, such as occult blood.

This test is most commonly recommended for individuals with chronic and vague GI symptoms including:

• Frequent bloating, gas, cramping and constipation
• Heartburn, indigestion or difficulty digesting
• Foul smelling and non-well formed stools
• You experience symptoms and your tests come back “normal”
• General preventative screening for GI health

The good news is that based on your test results we focus on solution based, results oriented recommendations and treatments designed to help you restore your health and experience improved long-term well-being.